Let him f#*ing finish!

August 3, 2009

It’s summer and i asssume i should start writing German again. I went to Berlin the other days to see friends.  I met Americans. Only passing the café I was sitting in. So: They said, Berlin was sooo artful with sooo much history. That they tried Currywurst and that most Americans don’t really know what goes on in this part of the world. Oh My God!

Berlin is soo modern, sooo 2009! Right now, they said, Berlin is  the place to be. The Berlin people are always soo nice and laid back. And the guys are soo handsome. Aaah, Europe is such a wonderful place to enjoy life.

I assume they are right. I mean, what has really changed since Obämer?! Well, the political nonsense turned out to be disappeared. Health care reform, Iraq withdrawal, Racism debate. Gosh, Americans are soo politically correct. Now I long for people like Bush. He was such a  good guy, actually. Soo handsome and not at all pathetic.

So here is  my proposal: Let him finish. Let him FINISH! LET HIM FUCKING FINISH! Dang! Please! Because he do cares a lot of the safety and hope and chance in a peaceful world. Good Lord!


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