Oktober 30, 2008

alright, herewith I declare the election to be decided. Mr. Obama is ahead by about 8 points and Mr. McCain’s policy has failed. It would have been funny though, if McCain and his pal (in) got elected. But rather dangerous,too.

Even my home state tends to Obama. Lovely. So finally we will have a president who is Black, a terrorist and kills American children.

But hey, Mr. McCain is in office since 1986 [neintien äiti siks]. There is always a time to retire. Oh gosh, i am so tired and there is no place to sleep. Love you all.


A few weeks ago I said that Obama was chosen to run for president because Americans rather favor a Black guy to govern them as a woman. Personally, I am a great fan of Ms. Clinton, but I quite fancy Mr. Obama too. I met him in Berlin this summer and I could literally feel his breath – so closewas I.

Obama in Berlin

Back to the subject. There has been a lot of talking these days about racism, terrorism and most of all sexism. Well, there is a load of sexism in the current electoral debate, but one thing is not. Sure, Ms. Palin should turn more attention to her dressing expenses [ an apron would be enough most times], but honestly, women do not have the opportunity to wear suits all day. Wait a sec. Actually that is sexism.

But the following will not be: Sarah Palin is totally unqualified to be the secondmost important person in the White House. And if you ask why I as a German spend so much time thinking about this, let me tell you, I am Americas greatest fan and closest ally (after UK, Poland, Israel)

One main issue of feminist movement is that a mediocre woman can make the same career as a mediocre man. Exactly this Ms. Palin managed to do now. Happy? Nah!

Ms. Palin has not been neither chosen for being a woman nor being mediocre. She pursues a policy of fascist abortionism and with that Mr. McCain wants to bribe the evangelical right that did not favor his position too much. Sure, they might have voted for him at Nov. 4, but they would not have been working voluntarily for him, funding his campaign or recruit friends and family for him. But what do people like in Sarah Palin? They simply like her. They can build up a relationship to her, because she is so normal, so charming and seems to be so enthusiastic. Well, if she would be my neighbor, I would like her, too. But vote for her because she is like me? Oh, Sarah Palin is a mother. I am a mother, that’s why I vote for her. This is irresponsible. Eight years ago they voted for a guy who was like them – a very bad idea, as we know now.

If there had been a (vice-)president Hillary Clinton, she had spoken out for the women’s right for pro-choice, she had observed the maintaining of antidiscrimination laws, and many national programms, that women have benefits from. With Sarah Palin they vote for the opposite. Other than her „women can do anything they want to“ image, there is not much, her political pursues are not healthy for American womenhood. Most female political leaders around the globe (such as Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Simone Veil, Kim Cambell) were not elected for being mothers. They never had to accent their appearence or made concessions to conventional women images. Ms. Palin is utterly different: She embodies an old American image of women – a tough, rustic Wild West gal with a gun in the one hand and a baby in the other.

Did Hillary Clinton fail on America’s media sexism? Maybe not. She made fundamental mistakes in her campaign. She bears responsiblity for that. Granted, she had to face a bunch of sexism in the media. Rush Limbaugh drew a shamful image of himself by portraying Ms. Clinton as a aged woman. But also others deadpanned about her laugh that has been often discribes as „cackle„. There have been Hillary nutcrackers where people could crunch theirs nuts between her steely thighs. And when she was close to a tear in a New Hampshire campaigning event the media asked: is she hard enough to take the military leadership of this country? Nobody had asked this if there was a man.

Concerning the Republican relationship to women, there is massive hypocrisy at the moment. Republican leaders mourn now all days about the sexism against Sarah Palin that they pretended not to be there against Hillary Clinton. Ms. Palin was a strategic nomination, leaving much more qualified Republican Senators like Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins out.

What’s wrong with America’s feminism? Fourty years ago, newspapers seperated the appointment sections in jobs for men and jobs for women. Married women were not allowed to have credit cards, for unmarried women it was hard to get contraceptives. Women were supposed to be married within a week from their graduation. They had opportunity to enjoy their freedom, to find out who they are, to travel, manage their own lives. A life in lockstep: college – marriage – children – depression – divorce. Only after the late Sixties women pursued their career with sincerity, removed taboos of premarital sex, abolished the stigma of divorce. It was no shame to have a child born out of wedlock. Domestic violence and abuse were considered as crimes – before that those issues were considered as something between trivial offense and own liability of the victim. Despite all these acquisitions young women don’t seem to realize that their right for abortion can be taken away from them anytime. Probably nobody doubts a woman’s right to take an employment. No homosexual needs to hide anymore and single mothers will be there further on. Modern feminists fight for other goals such as what career opportunities they have in their company, what happens when they get children or how to put through same wages for same work. For modern women, feminism means that you cannot tell another woman what shoes to wear. Modern feminism means that any woman has the right to make her own decisions, which brings it to confrontation when it comes to women like Sarah Palin.

You got to be aware that decisions are very likely not to be free. When a woman says that she is having a breast enhancement to raise her self-esteem you have to ask: In what kind of society do we live where women need to boost their feelings of self-worth by undergoing with a fully healthy bodya riskful, expensive and painful surgery? I wouldn’t explain her that she has a wrong image about herself, but I would ask questions: Why are you doing that? What’s behind all this? What do you expect? Is that really the best way to gain your goals?  Feminism is not only about individual self-fulfillment but also, that women support and help each other. Sarah Palin is not doing this. With her abortion hostility she forces other women to do what she wants. She would disposess them of decision making and the capacity to act.

Under another Republican administration, it is highly possible that the Supreme Court will reapeal the right for abortion. Subsequently the federal states will regulate abortion rights on state level which would lead to a Patchwork of states like California or New York, where abortion is legal, and others , such as South Dakota or Louisiana, where it is illegal. Side note: most states in the world tend to liberalisation of abortion rights. But the US fancy not sticking to the rule.

Personally, I would vote democrat. In the beginning i really favored Hillary Clinton. But when her husband started to participate in the election campaign, i figured that it is not the right way. America needs new people in the government. With the Clintons, also their old posse had moved into the White House. You never vote only for the front man (or woman). But finally it is important how a politician takes on his or her office. And one thing seems to be clear. If the Republicans loose the elections, there will be one who is to blame: and this’ll be Ms. Palin. And this would be sexism. I guess.

PS.: the reason for writing this article was the following video.

Dear Mister President…

Oktober 4, 2008

One thing is clear: It will be either Mr. McCain or Mr. Obama. One of these two will be the next presidente delle stati Uniti (Italian). Well, another thing is clear two: both must be suffering infantile disturbances that can only be compensated with the White House gleaming.  Well, here are the facts: The incumbent’s heritage is solely a catastrophy, especially for the American people. Out of a sudden Mr. Bush sets a date for the troop withdrawal from Iraq, sends leading representatives to talks with Iran and by now it is no problem at all to gamble with North Corean rogues about nuclear disarmament.

Facing the recent financial bancrupt, Mr. Bush – former darling of Wall Street and Free Market fetishist – turns into a state intervener and highest regulator. Karl Marx would certainly get in a flap with the socialist in the White House. But the late conversion of the believer Bush will not make it any easier for his successor.
Whoever will be elected, he will be set up in front of a pile of shards. More than that – a powder keg that could explode anytime. The United States is a broke poorhouse. The total collapse was covered with billions of loaned Dollars from China. America is hopelessly plunged in debt. Due to the credit card mania even every single American citizen is in the red. „Made in USA“ is a long-forgotten term. The industrial sector stands in ruins. Most imports are on the nod. Only one sector seems to run most well:Military weapons. And as it seems with the upcoming war with Iran – they will continue making money. It will be only a matter of time until Israel will ask the next president to engange in a air strike against Iran. The special missiles and radar units were recently delivered to Tel Aviv. More soldiers will die in Iraq, even more in Afghanistan. And soon in Pakistan as well. Without a mission of ground forces against the Taliban stronghold the war in Afghanistan will become even more devastating and abortive than it is already. And above all – with the American missile defense shield in Poland and Czech Republic, America will lose Russia as a mediator for Afghanistan and Iran. It seems that America will be fundamentally isolated after eight years of Bush administration. Russia would be a great advisor how to withdraw troops from Afghanistan (since they went in there in the 80’s) and could negotiate with Iran, but America is yet too proud to take supportive help. Only Europe’s heads of state and government will be bound to send a notional care package for the United States‘ next president. Both Mr. McCain and Obama will be doomed to failure without massive international help – even he would be a statesman as Kennedy.