By any chance, do you happen to know what a Palindrome is? It is something that you can read both backwards and forwards. Such as „mom“ or, uh, „dad“ ( I must utterly dissapoint you, but I am not very productive in English language, but some might say I am not, uh, very productive at all, but anyway). Mark Twain (great American author) was there much more productive („Madam, I’m Adam“). Anyhow, I was going to talk about Palindromes and not about productivity. So…. Uhm. Palindrome. Ah, yeah, there is this man, that everybody hates, but I never dissimulated liking him. That is because he has such a cuteypattotey nose. When he (the man) gets serious (very often in the last months), he knits his eyebrows and kills you with his undying look telling his folks that he is not the one to blame. Some might say, he is a twit. I say: „he is what we need“. However, in a very few days (about a hundred from today) this wonderful cutie will not be anymore. That is why there has to be found a new twit that needs to be cuddled. I found her already. And a senior citizen of my beloved second home found her as well. She might be the sexual and geographical opposite of Mr. White House, but she has the same nose. That’s all what counts.

She has entirely no clue about what the Bush doctrine is (spread democracy in undemocratic countries and stuff), but that is ok. I mean, I don’t know what the Bush doctrine is. Neither do Ahmed (the camel driver) or Khadidsha (his wife?). I was amazed by Charly Gibsons side comments, saying that he got „lost in a blizzard of words there“. Honestly I got trapped in a hailstorm of nonsense, but I am sure, both Charly (Evanston, IL) and Sarah (Alaska) know what they were talking about, since they have more blizzards and hailstorms that I do over here.

In another recent interview, Ms. Palin was critized for her misinterpreted proximity of the US to Russia. Instead of giving a political answer she laid it out in a more geographical way. She was initially sneered at for such comment, but I (martin…) say, she is mega-ultra-f-ing right. Boiling it down, there is not more than 53 miles between our (your) state and the other state (Russia), both politically and geographically. When Mr. McCain would be elected to the White House in January, trust me, my friends, Ms. Palin will stand constantly in the icy shore of our state and wave in stiff headwind to Mr. Meddlewedudew (whatever the name of Putin’s successor is) on the other side. Facing the facts, that’s what I say. In that way: Merry elections and happy new years.